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How To Remove Mascara Without Removing Your Eyelashes


Women are fond of wearing makeup. It helps them to feel more beautiful and confident. We spend 1/5th part of our money on our makeup. We don’t miss chance of wearing makeup on any occasion. Wearing makeup is easy but when it comes to removing it, we feel a little lazy and sometimes while removing it cause harsh skin.

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and while removing mascara you may hurt them. You have to be more careful while removing makeup from eyes. Let’s check out some important tips to remove mascara from eyes.


1. Waterproof mascaras: try to avoid the use of waterproof mascara as they have different chemicals in them so it makes it difficult to remove out after a long day due to their waterproofs.


2. Rinse with water: the most basic trick to remove your mascara off from your eyes you should start with water. Wash up your face with water as this trick takes out mostly of the makeup you had putted on all day long. Water after mixing up with the mascara breaks it down and let you clean it easily after that.

3. Use remover: now after raining the face with water use a makeup remover or a cotton pad to wipe out all the makeup from your eyes. After using the remover or cotton pad you will find that some minimal makeup is left behind on the yes but don’t worry that is small tiny makeup which will be removed out with the help of water.

4. Baby oils: if you are out of budget and finding it difficult to afford the costly makeup removers or eventually your previous makeup remover has been finished then don’t worry. You can go for baby oil to use them as a makeup remover as they will not effect your eyes.

5.Pick it up: now in last make your face dry off and then take a cotton bud and a cold cream. Now remove off all the very tiny particles of your makeup with the help of cotton bud and then moisturize your face with a cold cream.

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