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How to: Thicker & Natural Eyebrows


Everyone wants to have beautiful and good-looking eyebrows. But not all of us know exactly how to achieve such a look. But the great part is that we can use tutorial to teach us about makeup techniques. Here is one great tutorial for eyebrows. It will show you how to create a beautiful shape without making them look too fake. Here are the steps:
Step #1 – Take care of the eyebrow condition.
This step is annoying because you have to pluck out hairs, while in fact you want to have more hairs so your brows will be thicker, but the hairs you are plucking are just not in the right place – into the main brow shape.
Step #2 – Choose the right shape of eyebrow for your face.

Usually, the best eyebrow shape for your face is the natural shape, but sometimes this is not the best look for your face, because the nature somehow decided that you need a super short eyebrow. The eyebrow must end a little bit further than the outer corner of the eye.
Step #3 – Drawing the shape of the eyebrow.
Once you have decided what kind of shape you need, you have to draw it. You can do it with a brow pencil, which must be sharpened, or with a flat, angled brush. I prefer the angled brush, because it creates a more natural look of the eyebrows.
Step #4 – Fill in the eyebrows.

You can use a pencil or brush again. Choose the color according to your hair color and facial skin complexion. Fill in the eyebrow with feather-like motions in order to keep the natural look of it.
Step #5 – Wrap the brow with highlighter.
This trick will create a nice and smooth pop out effect the eyebrow color by making it look natural and simple.
Step #6 – Smudge the highlighter with a brush and spread it nicely until it blend in completely with the skin complexion
Step #7 – Enjoy your beautiful eyebrows!

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