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9 Must-Know Lipstick Hacks To Get The Perfect Pout Like Kylie Jenner

Lipstick seems pretty much like a beauty goddess for every woman. And I am sure lipstick is one such item that is found in make-up bags of all the women. Perhaps, we all desire to get the perfect look and of course the perfect pout for our selfies.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Rita Ora are all a testimony to the power of the flawless lipstick pout. And as much easy as it might look swapping a dash of red/pink on your lips, every girl understands it isn’t. There are many ugly things and mistakes that come in our way of getting a perfect pout.

Well, we share a few awesome ‘Perfect pout tips’ that guarantee a defined look and perfect pout every time.
So, read on the tips carefully and save the day.

1. Exfoliation, Scrubbing and Moisturizing

Must-Know Lipstick Hacks

Basic things first. Even though you scrub your lips daily, you might often find flaky skin ruining the finish of your lipstick. So, exfoliate your lips first.

For this, use the old and clean mascara wand as an exfoliator and rub it in a lip balm or Vaseline and scrape the lips to create a smoother canvas for lipstick.

2. A major issue– making lipstick a long– staying one

Must-Know Lipstick Hacks


Though cosmetic brands claim for a long–lasting stay, we know the deal that they don’t. So, make your lipstick into a long-lasting one by this super easy hack.

Apply your favourite shade of lipstick and then use a translucent tissue paper and hold it onto your lips as you dab some powder on it. It will not only lock in the colour but will make lipstick super-matte.

3. Make your colour pop 

Must-Know Lipstick Hacks

To give a neat definition to your lipstick and make your colour pop, use concealer and line the outside of your lips. Maybe the skin around lips is making your lipstick look dull.

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