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10 Relationship Mistakes Every Young Couple Is Making

Divorces and separations have outnumbered happy relationships today. Marriages are losing their credibility and the younger generation is opting for live-in relationships to stay away from complicated procedures in case of a mismatch in opinions or lifestyle. No amount of advice and counseling seems to be working, which is eventually giving way to failed relationships.

Many people fall apart and their world seems to crumble after going through relationship woes. Others who are stronger and less sensitive do not mind entering another relationship but are least bothered about breaking up again, for they are prepared for it. As a result, the chain of relationship wreck continues and the sensitive bunch suffers.
Let us see what actually creates problems in a relationship. Here are some mistakes young couples make that ruins their relationship.

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Expecting your partner to change for you.

Expecting your partner to change for you.

Nobody is perfect, and expecting your partner to change per your preferences is the first step to a strained relationship. Even if the other person promises to change for the sake of love, it is not assured that things will improve for the better. There will be some or the other issue that will keep cropping up and the loop will go on. Accept your partner as he/she is unless they have some unhealthy habit that they should get rid of.  

Disrespecting differences between you.

Disrespecting differences between you.

No two people are same and there ought to be differences between them. However, it is imperative that you respect your differences and not let them weigh your relationship down. 

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