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This Woman Earns £125 Per Hour As An Undercover Bridesmaid

A 34-year-old woman from London has found a unique way to earn her living, and the amount she’s making is good enough to lead a luxurious life. Tiffany Wright works as a professional bridesmaid. Never heard of this thing before? Well, you surely have, but it’s just her innovative idea that makes you sound like an ignorant.

Tiffany Wright masquerades as a guest in marriages to carry out some important tasks like getting people on the dance floor, arranging last minute surprises et al. Let’s find out more about this particular guest.

Is she a psycho?

Is she a psycho?

Tiffany Wright has started a productive business of a ‘professional bridesmaid.’ In this, she masquerades as a wedding guest and helps the stressed out brides on their big day.

Undercover Bridesmaid in an interview said that her husband Ibiza works in a finance company, and her job is entirely different from his. She further stated, “My husband thinks I’m mental.”

In this picture, Julia (Right) and Tiffany (Left).

In this picture, Julia (Right) and Tiffany (Left).

Julia started to panic and was feeling nostalgic ahead of her big wedding day, so she hired Tiffany to do all the necessary work. Later, Tiffany posed as Julia’s wedding guest while running errands.

And that’s all part of her job.

And that's all part of her job.

At £750 for six hours, Tiffany’s job includes getting guests on the dance floor, filling the bride’s water glass, and even dealing with all the family dramas.

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