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Dangal Movie Mistakes: The Inspiring Biopic Hits Gold But Misses A Few Moves

”Misaalein dee jaati hain, bhulaai nahi jaati, ” said Aamir Khan’s character in Dangal.

The movie that sent an adrenaline rush into every viewer in the theatre I went to watch it, had left no doubt in anybody’s mind that it is completely flawless. And why not, Aamir and the Dangal crew took two long years in its making, and it was obvious of them to release it without errors.

My eyes that had tears during many of the movie scenes but they were also able to find out some Dangal movie mistakes that everyone else obviously missed to notice.

Let’s not waste time and find out all of them, and yes, there are five such mistakes.

Dangal Movie Mistake #1

Dangal movie mistake

Geeta’s haircut right before the CWG 2010 Started:
It’s shown in the movie that a frustrated Geeta Phogat who lost all her international matches in a continuation, cuts her hair to a very short length right before the Delhi Commonwealth Games took off. 

But where’s the mistake in this?

Did Geeta Phogat ever had such short hair?

Dangal movie mistake

If you Google Geeta Phogat Haircut/Geeta Phogat Short Hair and try your best to find even a single picture where Geeta can be seen sporting very short flicks, you’ll get nothing but the image of all her sisters in a boy cut hairstyle but not even a single pic of hers.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at Geeta Phogat’s real fight

Dangal movie mistake

Yes, right, this is from Geeta Phogat’s real fight in her 2010 Delhi Games final wrestling bout and I don’t need to tell you that she is carrying a pony. Although a short one, but not as short as the one Fatima Sana Shaikh was seen having in the movie.

Right? Wait, there is more to the same match.

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