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Bollywood Celebrities Who Survived Cancer


Here are some famous Indian personalities who have survived cancer:
1. Manisha Koirala
At the age of 42, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He received treatment in a hospital in New York and left the disease.
2. Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. He underwent chemotherapy in the United States and returned to India in March 2012.
3. Lisa Ray
In 2009, the Indian actress was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (another type of blood cancer). Immediately began medication and closed off any media attention.
For over a year, Lisa battled blood cancer and emerged victorious. In 2010, he made a public announcement saying he had a complete replacement of stem cells and was completely cured.
4. Anurag Basu
The director of Barfi was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia (a type of blood cancer) in 2004. The doctors gave him a verdict of two months, but that did not shake the spirit of Basu.
He fought the disease for three years and came up with successful films.
5. Mumtaz

The legendary Bollywood actress battled breast cancer at the age of 54. He fought the disease for 11 years and made sure he did not recover from it. He has also participated in the

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