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10 Unusual New Year Rituals Around The World That Will Bring Smile On Your Face

Travelling to an international destination to ring in 2017? Have you picked your dress, your tux?

You have, but what about your underwear?

No, we aren’t going down, just for the heck of it. You would know what we are talking about here if you’ve spent some time in South America. If travelling to Brazil or nearby places, do remember to take a bright pair of underwear and ring in the New Year’s in yellow underpants if looking for money, and if searching for some romance, you guessed it right, shiny bright red.

Each place has its own ritual that sometimes might look weird to the outsider but is truly amazing once you know the story behind it. Here are few such traditions and the stories behind them.

Quickly eat 12 grapes at midnight, Spain. 

Quickly eat 12 grapes at midnight, Spain. 

It is customary to eat 12 grapes at midnight quickly, one for each stroke of the clock.

Why do Spaniards do that? They believe, it brings good luck.

Don’t worry; you wouldn’t have to run around to find grapes at that time of the night as revellers gather around squares with grapes, so you too can continue the century-old tradition.

Festival of St. Basil, Greece.

Festival of St. Basil, Greece.

Children sing carols at doorsteps on the evening of December 31 and it signifies the coming of St. Basil to that house with lots of blessings and good luck. St. Basil’s cake is cut in every house and is baked with a strange ingredient inside, a coin. The coin finder is supposed to be blessed with good luck for the coming year.

That’s not it. You will find an onion hanging outside every front door and at midnight, a pomegranate is smashed against the front door for good luck.

Polar Bear Plunge, New York.

Polar Bear Plunge, New York.

How many of you have heard about the ‘ball drop’ at Times Square, New York?

But did you know there’s another ritual that has been taking place for quite a few years now where hundreds of brave and sometimes hung-over people gather on January 1st in Coney Islands, Brooklyn to take a swim in a frigid New Year’s Day swim? Bet you didn’t know about this one.

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