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5 Sexual Experiences You Must Have At Least Once


Even the most sexually confident people don’t know everything there is to know about sex and there will always be a new sex tip to try – unless of course you’ve already slept with every person on the planet.

We all like different things, and this is what makes sex so exciting, but it’s also pretty easy to get used to what you like and stick to it. So we thought we’d give you a bit of inspiration for something fresh and little more frisky.

These are five sexual experiences you should try at least once.

1. Just Awake Sex

We know that for men it’s more about the physiological than the psychological, we know the first to wake is always “him“. We normally tend to shy away from morning breath, but with a simple quick fix, like brushing your teeth, it can be a truly memorable experience.

It will certainly get the adrenalin pumping and wake up your whole body ready for the day ahead. And arriving at work late due to morning sex instead of the usual traffic is quite satisfying (believe me).

2. Wild Thing

“Wild Thing, You make my heart sing” – remember Chip Taylor singing this classic song back in the 60s?

Wild sex, unbridled sex, rough sex is a fantasy that we’ve all shared at some-time. The idea of your partner grabbing you and throwing you up against the wall, slapping your bottom or pulling your hair “fifty shades style” seems to have more and more women fantasising these days.

It’s probably the sexual experience that offers as many bruises as orgasms, but when it happens it makes “your heart sing.”

3. Role Play Sex

If you are in a committed relationship and you find yourself dreaming of a hot policeman with handcuffs, don’t be shy, ask your guy to play it out.

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Role-play allows you both to have the thrill of sleeping with different people without, well, actually sleeping with other people, so it may just be the key to keep monogamy hot.

If you’re not sure where to start, try pretending you do not know each other. It will give you the freedom to take on a new personality and do things that you wouldn’t normally do, but always wanted to.

4. Sex in a Public Place

I’m sure we’ve all thought about having sex in public or fantasised about it at some point in our life.

The idea of getting caught in the act can be rather exciting, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an exhibitionist to enjoy it. Try finding a quiet spot in the forest or sitting in the back row of th

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