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How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner

Undoubtedly, all girls out there love to look and feel good about themselves. Isn’t that? We all do. I feel like trying out different trendy styles when it comes to makeup. Our eyes are the one specific area of our face on which we can work a bit and add on to our beauty.

Beautifully done eye makeup definitely, generates high senses of magnetism. Have you tried out the double winged eyeliner anytime lately? I came across a video that helped me learn how to add more intensity to your eyes.

So, here, I am sharing with you with you the easiest way to create double winged eye liner:


Double winged eye liner


We want to have attractive and beautiful eyes but only some of them do something really needful so as to get those types of eyes. Moreover, there are girls who take treatments and use numerous products to add beauty to their eyes end up with dumping their money into something worthless.

Next step ahead are:


Now make the wing on the above line of the eye the way you did on the below one.

Again ensure that you close your eye just a bit to make the eyelids on proper position and allow the eyeliner do his work correctly.

After that, you need to extend it also as the above one.

Just follow these simple to do trick and make people jaw-dropped literally with your gorgeous looking double winged eye-lined eyes.

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