World is a better place to live when you have someone who will stand beside you through thick and thin. But the sad truth is that that that someone is as hard to find as to comprehend this line.


Well, to be honest, it’s not that difficult though. Many people admit that it is only the lack of immediate conscience that dissuades them to recognise the right person for them at the right time. Our prudish self ego often prevents us from recognisng the right person, who might be very close to us, by indulging in unnecessary permutaions and combinations of life.

Here are some signs which determine that you have met your soulmate, finally-

1. You are similar

Gone are the days when people used to believe in ‘opposites attract’ theory. One of the major reasons for break-ups these days is the compatibility issues between couples. So it’s better to be with someone who thinks like you and does not quarrel with you on trivial matters

2. You embrace each other’s shortcomings

If you’re considering someone, you better see how they take your negatives. If the perosn is positive about your shortcomings and views them as a part of life, then don’t wait to ask him/her out.

3. You have some real fights

As crazy as it sounds, real fights work wonders for a relationship. If two people are in an argument and there is no fakness involved from either side, it is a clear sign that they are very true to themselevs and do not hold themselves back even while in an argument.

4. You prefer interacting more in reality than in virtuality

You like to meet him/her in person rather than chatting for hours on the phone. No matter how convenient technology makes your life, some things are meant to be done in the traditional way.

5. You feel something from within

Love knows no reason. Mesmerising eyes, lusturous hairs, shapely figure- they all seem irrelevant when you don’t seem to have a spiritual connection with the person. If you think there is someone who can feel you from within, then go for him/her. That perosn is your soulmate, undoubtedly.

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