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Remove Facial Hair Effectively At Home in 10 Minutes


These are the few tips to follow in order to get best results of completely getting rid of the unwanted hair growth on your face or body.

1: Mix about 30 grams of sugar (preferably brown) to some lemon juice in a bowl of water with room temperature. Apply the mixture in the direction of hair grown and rinse it after about fifteen minutes. Make this a weekly thing and you will soon enjoy the results!
2: Another way is to mix papaya and turmeric. This method exfoliates the skin and controls hair growth. When you massage the paste, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cool water. Again, a weekly repetition of this recipe will have a good effect on your problem!
3: Homemade scrubs are the best because you are the one that picks the ingredients, they do not contain any suspicious things, so you know that their effect is sincere. Combine banana and oatmeal for a simple, cheap, but effective scrub. Apply it for the usual time and then wash it off. Repeating this twice a week may result in a good decrease of hair grown!

Instructions To Follow:

1: The very first thing is to bear in mind is that you need to have patience while trying out these home remedies.
2: You can try all these home remedies according to your convenience. This is the only way you can find out which is the best-unwanted hair growth removal remedy for you.
3: You should drink plenty of water as well as fruit and vegetable juices to aid your remedy and to help in easily removing unwanted hair from your body.
4: Having a steam bath before using any of the application remedies will help in opening up of your skin pores and thereby aiding in easy hair removal from unwanted areas.
5: Make sure that you also stick to a healthy diet plan along with regular bouts of exercise to regulate your hormone levels and to reduce the growth of unwanted hair.
6: Washing the area properly after doing the treatment will help your skin to be clean and neat.
7: You need to also have an adequate amount of rest every night for at least 7 to 8 hours to lead a stress-free life.
8: Practicing yoga and meditation will help in calming you down and you can keep your unwanted hair problems at bay.

Please check the video below for step by step video tutorial :

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