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How to SHAMPOO & CONDITION Properly | Wash Heavily Oiled Hair | My Hair Wash Routine


One of the most FAQ I get is how I wash my hair after oiling it. As you may all know, I heavily rely on oiling to maintain my hair. But it sure can get cumbersome to wash off all that oil from the hair. In this video, I show you how I Shampoo and Condition my hair.

Do not have too much oil in the hair at the time of shampooing because it serves no purpose really. All that unabsorbed oil is doing nothing just sitting there. So you need extra shampoo to just wash off that oil and more shampoo means more drying it is to the hair.

Coming to the shampoo, I am using Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti-Dandruff hair cleanser. It is great that it washes heavily oiled hair in one to maximum two washes and it does not even make hair dry, which is why i love it. So, I take about 15 – 20 ml of shampoo and dilute it with 500ml of water. The diluted solution gets the job done just as effectively for less amount of shampoo. This will also make sure that there is not too much shampoo stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Start from the head/ scalp and work your way downwards. All the dirt and grime is accumulated in the scalp itself, so take your own sweet time to gently wash it off. Use very gentle, massaging motion with your fingers and never rub/ scrub your hair vigorously. Rubbing your hair not only damages the hair shaft making it rough, pokey pokey, and frizzy, but also creates tangles which lead to hair breakage.

As you shampoo, the liquid trickles down along the length of the hair, and it gets partially cleansed. Pour some more shampoo solution on the lengths of the hair, if necessary to completely wash off the remainder oil. Use shampoo sparingly on the tips aas they are the driest part of the hair.

Always use linear motion on your hair. That is starting at the top, move downwards in a smooth line. Never bunch up hair, toss it around, or things like that. Remember that hair is at its weakest when it is wet. And all these kind of things only lead to hair breakage. By the linear motion you are making your hair smooth and sleek.

Once that you feel your hair is rid of all that oil, rinse off the lather with water. Do not leave any traces of shampoo in the hair as it can dry out the hair if left. Move your hands through your hair and make sure every nook and corner is rinsed properly.

If necessary, go for the second wash but make the shampoo solution even more dilute this time.

After that, it is time to condition those locks. Gently squeeze out all excess water in your hair and blot excess moisture using a cotton towel or t shirt. This is imperative because conditioners really just need damp hair to be activated. If there is excess moisture it washes down the conditioner.

I am using Dove’s Regenerative Repair conditioner with algae complex. It leaves the hair feeling so soft and tangle free.

Take a dollop of conditioner and applying it to the tips and distribute any product left on the rest of the hair. Don’t apply conditioner to the scalp. Let it sit for 2 – 3 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.

This routine is the least damaging and most effective in my experience. Wrap hair in a cotton towel and let it air dry completely.

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