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30 Second Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger


Take off your makeup before sleeping.

While you clean your face, massage your skin so that the blood circulation increases, which will prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Never pop your pimples, they will only get worse.

Our hands are regularly exposed to bacteria, so don’t touch your face often, try to keep your hands clean.

Your eye creams should always be in your fridge.

Ice cubes are not good for pimples, except for red blemishes.

All natural remedies that you need are already there in your kitchen: tea treatments, olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, and sugar scrubs.

Though it might surprise you but your mobile phone is more dirtier than your toilet seat and if you are on phone constantly, make sure you clean it often.

Keep separate towels for hair, and face.

Pillow covers get dirty easily, make sure you change them every couple of days.

You have to be careful using hair products, make sure they do not come in contact with your skin.

Pay attention to your acne breakouts, their appearance indicate that something in your body is wrong. read here to see what acne on different parts of your body mean.

Make sure your body is always hydrated, drink at least 6 glasses of water everyday

Try to eat organic food.

Exfoliate your skin every day in order to remove the dead cells from its surface.

Use of cosmetic products might damage your skin, opt for natural products whenever possible.

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