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Why Sleeping On Your Left Side Is So Important

What would this world look like without gravity? When you think about it, a lot of things just wouldn’t work. Most dispensers, vehicles and, pretty much everything, operates with the help of gravity; your bod is no exception. Your body uses gravity to do all sorts of things and understanding …

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13 Existing Women That Will Give You Awkward Feelings

This is 21st Century. A long evolution period has taken place and somewhere in this evolution, the natural variation has seriously crooked up. As a result, the awry variations can be seen in the people’s appearances. The people with totally different shapes and sizes will make you consider about their …

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Horrifying footage shows live crocodiles being skinned alive

Horrifying footage shows live crocodiles being skewered through the brain like a kebab at Vietnamese farms preparing skins for handbags WARNING: VERY DISTRESSING CONTENT The footage was filmed in March and April 2016 at several farms in Vietnam Two of the farms supply skins to a tannery to produce luxury …

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