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Hollywood Couples Who Fell In Love On The Sets

Hollywood Couples Who Fell In Love On The Sets. Romance is an amazing thing. For celebrity couples, romance is a whole different world than us, normal people. Celebs fall in love and make their announcements in a way that we can’t even imagine. But that’s what makes them celebrities. Many …

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Most Searched Indian Personalities In 2016

Most searched Indian Personalities in 2016…. Breakups, patch ups, divorce, hits and strokes… these take place every year. Anything new? Yes, demonetization! Anything else? Yes, Kapil Sharma is back! Among all the hots on the Internet in the year 2016, there were people from different categories also apart from the …

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10 Dumb Blondes Who Put Every Blonde To Shame

Stereotypes are stringent categories in which we fit people. They are specific in the sense that they are for a particular group and general in the sense that they are applied to everyone of that group even if they don’t fit. Even if one doesn’t fit in the category, they …

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Modi’s mother visited the bank to change

Oriental Bank of Commerce Branch Raisen diamond Ba had reached Gandhinagar. The employees gave him Rs 10 notes two bundles. Also, a 500 and a 2,000 rupee note received Rs. Diamond Ba inside the bank had brought some people by supporting their age is much higher. He can not even …

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