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What Does Your Name Say About You?


Names are more than just words. Certain letters and phonetic sounds seem to carry a visual and conceptual weight to them. In a future where more interactions take place across social networking sites, names could become incredibly important. So as we learn more about the scientific effects of names, maybe …

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Migraine Relief Permanently, Stay Healthy


Migraine Relief Permanently, Stay Healthy Hi, people, this is my topic related to a migraine. If you don’t know what is actually a migraine, let me tell you, that a migraine is a severe pain in the head, on one side only, if can be either on the left side …

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a bride & groom perform the best first dance ever!


I remember my first dance with my husband. We visited salsa lessons two months before the wedding to get ready for the dance. We started with “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. That’s the song that was playing in the restaurant when we kissed for the first time. I love that …

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If You Have This Arm Tendon, Here’s What It Means


Evolution is a fascinating and mysterious thing. The concept that all mammals are in some way related – including ourselves – is something so complex that it’s hard to wrap our minds around sometimes. But proof of our ancestral past, evolving from apes to Neanderthals and eventually to the Homo …

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Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Double-Take


Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Double-Take #13 Looks an awesome jet ski stunt And then he hit the water….No more awesome. #12 Buddha says… You shall not pass plane. #11 Some cover Hot cover. #10 How to befriend a chameleon You tongue-high five. #9 He looks so cool.. But that head plant is …

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