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10 Highly Educated Television Stars


1. Deepika Singh Playing a decent girl in a soap diary “Diya aur Baati”, Deepika Singh has a degree in marketing. She did her MBA before she had plans to enter the industry. 2. Sharad Kelkar A popular TV face, Sharad Kelkar has featured on many of the famous TV …

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10 Most Beautiful First Ladies In The History Of America


The United States presidential election is over, and Donald Trump has taken over as the President of the most powerful economy in the world. Social media was flooded with posts about the dramatic victory of Trump, but not everyone was rejoicing. Heartfelt wishes were simultaneously pouring in for the Obamas …

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10 Shocking Pictures Celebs Don’t Want You To See


We’re used to seeing celebrities at their best. They have hair and makeup people who wait on them hand and foot, personal trainers and nutritionists, and even personal tanners (hello, Rihanna). Not to mention, so many of their images are Photoshopped to perfection and we’re left thinking of them as …

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