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Intense Hair Color Correction


It’s another episode of my PARANORMAL HAIRTIVITY. My client Alice is back and she wanted to change her hair again. She started with blonde and wanted to go dark so I gave her black-gray ombre awhile back. I had to pull all the black out of her hair and it’s …

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How to Heatless Curls Overnight at Home?


Curls in women hair look lovely on all types of hair, whatever their color or length is. Women apply lot of methods to form curls in their hair. Mostly they use blow dryer and curling iron to form the curls. The heat generated from both of these tow machines cause …

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Homemade ginger hair mask for hair growth


hair mask for hair growth Dandruff and hair loss treatment Many girls are facing with the problem of hair loss, dandruff, thin hair and slow hair growth due to improper diet and the use of low-quality shampoos for hair. If you are one of them who are suffering from this …

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