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Why Sleeping On Your Left Side Is So Important


What would this world look like without gravity? When you think about it, a lot of things just wouldn’t work. Most dispensers, vehicles and, pretty much everything, operates with the help of gravity; your bod is no exception. Your body uses gravity to do all sorts of things and understanding …

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10 Things Coca Cola Does To Your Body


Doctors have inform us about the harmful effects of drinking cold drink for years. A few people just can’t seem to smash their habit to the frizzy drink, even after they recognize how bad it can for the them. From having a chemical result on your brain, to causing dental …

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7 Natural Ways To Help Your Body Heal Faster


As a fairly active and clumsy person, I am no new to cuts, bruises or wounds. I often get scrapes on my skin, whether they are from hiking or cooking in the kitchen. In fact, we have all experienced cuts, grazes, wounds or lacerations to varying degrees at one time …

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9 Dirtiest Body Parts That We Never Thought Were Dirty


We live in an amazing world. The greatest of all creations that God has created is the man himself, the wondrous machine– precise, efficient, and unquestionably the most complicated. And trust me, we are, by any means, creatures of finite complexity. Though being complex, the human body unveils an amazing …

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