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13 Strangest New Year Traditions Around The World


There are various traditions blossoming around the world around the New Year’s first day. People are trying to follow their ways in the best possible manner they can. Some are so strange that you will be amazed on a guarantee. 1. Effigy burning, Panama Effigies of anyone and everyone famous …

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5 Ways To Help Someone With Anxiety


  Asking them to “stop worrying” will definitely not help. Don’t trivialize. It is never a good idea to tell an anxious person to “just get over it” or “stop worrying.” The vast majority of sufferers know that their fears and worries are irrational, but they don’t need you to …

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Morning Walk: Healing For Life


  Early bird catches the worm, similarly early risers have the tendency to lead their lives well and make the most out of the day. But one of the best things that can reach out for is morning walk. Considering its amazing health benefits and the refreshing effect it has …

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How To Make Honeycomb Headband Hairstyle


Hello Everyone It is a hairstyle that can be worn daily but is ideal for special occasions. Also they can do for the girls school and has a great advantage as it can last for 4 and up to 5 days ? So, just have a look at this below, …

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