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9 Signs That Your Drugs/Drinking Is Out Of Control


If you are between the ages of 16 and 25, this one’s for you. Most people that become addicts and alcoholics didn’t just wake up one morning like that. Chemical dependency occurs over time, though for some people it happens faster than other. Because your bodies haven’t fully finished growing …

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HOT! These Ladies Are The ‘Twerk Queens’ Of The Internet!!


Jhonni Blaze 1 SOURCE Instead of twerk queen., she’s exceedly skilled in several musical instruments, such as clarinet, piano, , drums, guitar and the violin. She arrived in multiple hip hop videos, showing off her #### skills. Rihanna 2 SOURCE She is boom and very Experienced artist.but that doesn’t mean …

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24 Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s


  #1 Popped Collars The 90’s was full of more than just one style, including the preppy look. Of course, your polo wasn’t complete unless the collar was popped. #2 Platform Flip Flops For days when you wanted to appear taller but still wanted to be comfortable. Kind of wish …

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