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6 Types Of Friends You Make As A Parent


Social life declines once you have kids and even if it lessens, it does not mean that you do not have friends anymore. You develop a certain kind of personality when you are with friends and that you identify yourself having some sort of responsibility when you hang out with them. …

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How Do Blind People Dream


Dreams are certain images, combined with sensations, emotions that occur involuntarily in our mind during our sleep. Most of dreams are forgotten by the time you wake up. However blessed are people who have vision to see dreams. What about  blind people who don’t have vision. Do blind people dream …

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8 Cool Storage Ideas For Your Small Apartment


When you have a small apartment, it could get tough to be neat and organized. and maybe you are one of those who prefer being neat, unlike others who don’t care where everything is. but you know, it is the best quality you have. Even though, space would be your …

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