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How to Waterline your Eyes


Females are very much sensitive regarding their beauty. All of them want to look gorgeous and beautiful. Eyes are one of the most important parts of the body which immensely adds on to beauty. Beautiful make up eyes produces high vibes of attraction. Beautifully make up eyes shows the grace …

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How to Contour Your Nose like a star !


There are a lot of women who have issues about their nose shapes. Some find their noses too flat, others too big, too pointy and so on, that there are hardly any people who are really satisfied with their nose shapes. Some people worry so much about their noses that …

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Eyeliner Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making


There is a saying that your eyes speak a lot more than your words and hence eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman. Women would often go for eye makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. One of the important aspects of eye makeup is ‘eyeliner’, which …

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How to Achieve Perfection for Your Lips


The lips and the eyes are the most expressive parts of the face. You must enhance them and take care of them. For instance, if your eyes are tired and puffy, you must undertake some action, find a way how to make your eyes look fresh again. The easiest way …

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The Secret of Long-Lasting Lipstick is out..


Lips are most important part of your body that directly attracts a person towards you. Juicy lips can make anyone to do anything for you. Women use a lot of expensive lipsticks but they face a little problem that irritates them so much. What’s it? As lipstick spreads when we …

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Pakistani nikkah bridal makeup 2016


Pakistani nikkah bridal makeup 2016 This beauty salon is taken up to be another one of the top and leading beauty salons in Lahore. This salon was established in 2016 and since that time period this salon has made its successful and by far the best place. This salon is …

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