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World is a better place to live when you have someone who will stand beside you through thick and thin. But the sad truth is that that that someone is as hard to find as to comprehend this line. Well, to be honest, it’s not that difficult though. Many people …

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Hollywood Couples Who Fell In Love On The Sets


Hollywood Couples Who Fell In Love On The Sets. Romance is an amazing thing. For celebrity couples, romance is a whole different world than us, normal people. Celebs fall in love and make their announcements in a way that we can’t even imagine. But that’s what makes them celebrities. Many …

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14 Definite Signs She Loves You


Have you been friends with a girl since a long time and you now feel like things between both of you are turning pretty rosy? Do you think she takes you to be more than a best friend? Are you sometimes confused about what’s actually cooking between you two? Does …

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10 Relationship Mistakes Every Young Couple Is Making


Divorces and separations have outnumbered happy relationships today. Marriages are losing their credibility and the younger generation is opting for live-in relationships to stay away from complicated procedures in case of a mismatch in opinions or lifestyle. No amount of advice and counseling seems to be working, which is eventually …

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Every Man Should Know These Secret Facts About Women


The way of communication in a man and woman is definitely different. Each of the genders should try to understand each other to have a meaningful and fruitful relationship. Women are usually the ones who are hard to read in relationships but there are simple tips to know more about …

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7 Popular Movies Which Filmed REAL LOVE Between Actors


1. In The Realm Of Senses via In this movie, the actress loves to asphyxiate lovers and carries their anatomize testicles in her kimono. Sounds scary! 2. Shortbus via Shortbus is an American comedy movie in which many s33xually diverse characters are seen boiling together in the melting pot i.e. New York. …

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10 REAL Reasons Why Relationships Fail


We all want love that would last, love where there’s genuine affection, empathy, respect, and trust. If these things are gone, you can be certain your relationship is doomed. Here are the reasons why relationships fail. NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS via If you casually discuss your personal issues with your friends, constantly …

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Burn Survivor Turia Pitt Gets Engaged


This Is Turia Pitt In 2011, Australian Turia Pitt was running in an ultramarathon when she got caught in a bushfire that burned 65 percent of her body. Despite the severity of her injuries, Pitt survived, recovered and has become a popular motivational speaker and author. Coming Back Pitt’s recovery …

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