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Unmistakable Signs That’ll Help You Spot A Virgin


It’s not really a rocket science when it comes to spotting a virgin. The signs are so obvious and evident that they are hard to miss! From their discomfort in proximity with the opposite gender to being obsessed with something inanimate like anime, the signs of people’s virginity are literally all …

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The Hidden Benefits Of Married $Ex


According to Television and movies, married $ex life is like an old pie cake. They have projected the love making after marriage like a red-headed stepchild to whom you never would love to cares. Whereas for the casual, new, cheating, and ex make out sessions people are getting mad. But …

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7 Intentions Of A Man Behind His Words ‘I Am Not Ready’


In every relationship, what a girl always waits for is a commitment from her guy, commitment for taking their relationship to next level, commitment for loyalty and commitment for marriage.But not every guy is in the position to commit or tell his plans for future. So, here are a few reasons that every …

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7 Most Epic Breakup Texts Will Make You Go WTF


Ahhh…. Break up texts! Over the past few years, texting has emerged perfectly. With these new advances, however, texting has turned to be an unfortunate advancements. Among this darker modern age of science, you’ll find a lot of things like mass email, the group reply button and the most dreadful of …

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Here’s How To Win At Relationships


Relationships is not a small deal.it’s about two heartsand both have feelings to each other.and that are what bind societies, and in many cases Love has cost trillions of dollars, sent millions to their death in wars and literally changed the face of the earth.Think of someone in a romantic relationship. It …

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