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10 Best Sex Positions For Men With Small Manhood


It’s fine if you aren’t as endowed as most of the other people are. Just because you fall a little short doesn’t mean that you’re going to be all alone forever. You can still manage to get the job done, with no compromise on the satisfaction quotient. You just need …

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7 Popular Movies Which Filmed REAL LOVE Between Actors


1. In The Realm Of Senses via In this movie, the actress loves to asphyxiate lovers and carries their anatomize testicles in her kimono. Sounds scary! 2. Shortbus via Shortbus is an American comedy movie in which many s33xually diverse characters are seen boiling together in the melting pot i.e. New York. …

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10 REAL Reasons Why Relationships Fail


We all want love that would last, love where there’s genuine affection, empathy, respect, and trust. If these things are gone, you can be certain your relationship is doomed. Here are the reasons why relationships fail. NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS via If you casually discuss your personal issues with your friends, constantly …

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7 Secret Tips To Please Your Boyfriend


Women have a natural charm when it comes to relationships. We can act all cute during a fight and it would make your heart melt but we can also go complete and utter evil on you so that you’re dead scared of us. See? So charming. But that’s not all. …

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Burn Survivor Turia Pitt Gets Engaged


This Is Turia Pitt In 2011, Australian Turia Pitt was running in an ultramarathon when she got caught in a bushfire that burned 65 percent of her body. Despite the severity of her injuries, Pitt survived, recovered and has become a popular motivational speaker and author. Coming Back Pitt’s recovery …

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