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A Rhino Runs And Attacks A Car And Then..


We find monkeys entering our place or even foxes and snakes, but we can manage to face and handle them. But what about a huge animal coming just in front of us? Rest is the story that you need to read below! I am talking about rhino. via The rhino …

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Snakes really can fly – Real Flying Snakes


Description of content: Chrysopelea is also known by its common name “flying snake”. It climbs using ridge scales along its belly, pushing against the rough surface of the bark of tree trunks, allowing it to move vertically above a tree. At the end of the branch of a tree, the …

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8 Most Shocking Accidents in Carnival and Amusement Park rides.


We often go to carnivals and amusement parks with family and friends to entertain ourselves and to set ourselves free from strain. All the rides present in amusement parks are made under safety measures and only skilled operators are allowed to operate rides. Engineers and architects take all precautions to …

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