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South Koreans Are Faking Their Own Funerals…And This Is Why


The quest for everlasting life is an old ambition. One of the most ancient surviving mythologies, the Epic of Gilgamesh, revolves around an egotistical king’s journey to the plant that grants eternity. A deathless life is only subtext—the real story is the transformation of selfishness to humility—but it shows that …

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I was very impressed to see how these people live!


People, who are better than others think or say, the last Coke in the desert, sometimes it behaves too arrogant. They think they are above everyone and everything for them is permitted; however, they know well that the last word has Nature. Therefore, before acting as well, you have to …

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10 Dumb Blondes Who Put Every Blonde To Shame


Stereotypes are stringent categories in which we fit people. They are specific in the sense that they are for a particular group and general in the sense that they are applied to everyone of that group even if they don’t fit. Even if one doesn’t fit in the category, they …

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