5 Beauty Secrets Of Famous Hollywood Celebrities

Having beautiful looks is no less than a blessing. A beautiful person is not the one, who has exceptionally attractive features but a person, who has taken care of his/her skin and body, is considered to be presentable and appealing. You might have longed for having beautiful looks like Hollywood …

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Beauty Hacks In Weirdest Ways That Actually Work

Various video tutorials on YouTube or Facebook tell you weirdest ways on beauty hacks. In case you missed some, read some very effective down: Cover dark eye circles with red lipstick Won’t you look like a vampire after using red lipstick under eye? Not at all! Instead you can try …

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Top 10 Men You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Men You Won’t Believe Exist. You know that lesson we teach kids about how everyone is their own special unique person? That’s really true for the 10 people you’re about to read about. Most of these men suffer from some form of medical condition that causes them to be …

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100-Year-Old Twins Mark Birthday, Reveal Secrets To Long Life

They were born just 25 minutes apart on Nov. 20,1916 and now, 100 years later, Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones are still as close as ever. Though the sisters aren’t identical, they rang in their milestone 100th birthday together with matching red sweaters, chocolate cakes and birthday cards from Queen …

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